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DermaVision-Beauty Edition Dimension (Portable System)
DermaVision-PRO is a digital skin image analysis system. By using specialized image acquisition, It real-timely 
  provides polarization, Non-polarization, and fluorescent image. Cross Polarization Image (CPI) obtains high- 
 quality color images of patient's hypodermis by removing reflection light and displays the distribution of skin 
  pigmentation and erythema using an analysis algorithm. UV image provides brilliant color information such 
  as acne, hypo-pigmentation that can't be measured in visible area. Ultimately, DermaVision helps patients to 
  get proper diagnosis and treatment.
Specialized Image
Cross Polarization Image(LED) UV Image
- Photographing Booth
- UV Light:2ea
-DermaVision Analysis Program
- EOS Utility Program
- Computer(Option)
- LCD Touch Screen Monitor(Option)

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